Friday, December 3, 2010

What is iPad....???

iPad is a new gadget launched by Apple is the main function is as an e-Book Reader. With iPad we can freely read the e-book anywhere. In addition to the e-Book reader, iPad could also serve as like a tablet pc where we can listen to the music, watch movies, access to facebook, twitter and surfing activities in internet.

Then, what is the advantage of iPad? Here are some advantages of iPad

1. An interested display, with the 9.7-inch screen LED, iPad is portable to anywhere. 
2. Battery life is long enough, iPad is able to survive for 10 hours even when it used for browsing and other activities. 
3. If you love Facebook, Twiter, Maps, YouTube, iTunes, Mail and other  then the 
iPad could be something interested for you to have.

Meanwhile, here are some Disadvantages iPad

1. No Real Multi Tasking, Yes .. we are not free to run many applications simultaneously, we are still able to access up to listen to music but if you want to run twitter, facebook, listen to Skype, then you should start it one by one, do the same.
2. Not Support for Flash,  Yes… flash have a nice view that we can see on a laptop or netbook when we access facebook or any other blog, we can’t enjoy on the iPad. 
3. No camera, this is a very unfortunate. If iPad has a camera it will be very nice, of course we can have a conversation on Skype with more fun.

iPad suitable for those who like to explore content. a variety of content can be enjoyed through the iPad. This includes videos on YouTube, many online sites as well as the mass media that presents the application on the iPad.
iPad is also suitable for those who like to play games. IPad games options are very many, just like the iPhone is getting ogled by the developers of the world game.
For those who already have a notebook and an iPhoneiPad will be a tertiary device is only used at certain times. If you like travelling, maybe iPad will be an options beside an iPhone (or other phonesand laptops.

So, iPad is a beautiful gadgetand have a lot of uses, but we can't said that it's a necessity for most computer users in the worldWait a year or two longer,especially if the price was more affordable, could be as high as iPad notebook or mobile phone. 

enjoy it.....:)

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