Thursday, August 18, 2011

Latest Gadget Samsung Products 2012

Latest Gadget Samsung Products 2012 - It seems that Samsung will be the king of the smartphone after have patents  AMOLED that are now widely in used by big vendors such as HTC, Nokia, of course, this will be very beneficial for Samsung. And now, the elastic AMOLED become the future technology for  samsung.

For several times released gadget products with flexible display  since several years ago. In 2008, Samsung has demonstrated a flexible concept phone with that flexible screen. The last time, Samsung paraded them in November 2010 at the FPD and the CES 2011 in January. Now, hopes for the appearance of gadget with this flexible screen seems to be realized in 2012.

According to the news that has been circulating on the internet, Samsung Mobile Display now want to mass produce flexible AMOLED screen in 2012 and will be used for  the smartphone to watch. For that, Samsung Mobile Display has made a joint venture with Ube Kosan. Ube Kosan is a company from Japan that could make the plastic substrate material to be delivered to Samsung Mobile Display.To make this flexible display mass Samsung Mobile Display will increase its production capacity by expanding the area of 1000 square meters factory.According to Display Search, the flexible display market will reach 2.4 billion dollars in 2015. 

Wow….it’s really amazing. :)

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