Friday, March 23, 2012

Virtual design of the iPhone 5

iPhone 5, Despite the recent launch of the iPhone 4S passed, rumors about iPhone 5 has been widely discussed, even the virtual design illustrating form of Apple's latest device has been shown.

Still remember the comments in some quarters that criticized the absence of a radical difference in the iPhone 4S than the iPhone 4? They may be other comments to the iPhone 5 will be released in June that there are rumors also say September.

Why is that, because according to the virtual design of the initial iPhone 5 made ​​Ciccarese Design, the shape is totally different from previous versions, and evenmuch different.

Ciccarese Design the Italian design company that last summer asked Mac Rumors to create virtual models of the iPhone 5 - or whatever his name later - based onleaked specifications.

In addition to being thinner, the design of the rear curved (convex) and graduallythin out at the end of the rim, at the top and bottom reminiscent of the MagicMouse Apple.

Phone jack on the side (not on), and the camera is shifted to the center just above the glowing Apple logo.

From his appearance looks smooth, without angles with more curved edges, and behind there is a cool backlit Apple logo.

If it is true such a shape, a lot of people would probably say it's a beautiful design.

True or not the form of iPhone5 will be like that, no one can guarantee, but certainly the virtual design for the iPhone 4S Ciccarese ago barely misses.

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