Saturday, March 3, 2012

iPhone 5 rumours

As we know, iPhone 5 was not released yet in 2011, but Apple did announce the iPhone 4S. The Rumours iPhone 5 will debut at Apples Worldwide Developer Event which takes place in June. for the latest iPhone 5 rumours you can find it below:

* The iPhone 5 is thought to have a new design that features a larger screen- some say as large as 5 inches. The rumor is that Steve Jobs did not like the big screen. The interesting thing is that Sony has sent out a top secret shipment of screens to Apple- we just have to wait and see how big they are!
* The processor is a Quad Core that is based on the designs made up by ARM. The funny thing is that there are some other phones that already have this processor technology.
* On top of all that, the iPhone 5 will have 4G/LTE Technology integrated into it. Don’t get too excited if you live in Europe- the spectrum has to be activated before this feature can be used in European countries. Long Term Evolution is a fairly standard offering that has a higher capacity and speed then most other wireless devices. Fourth generation Long Term Evolution has been incorporated by most cell phone makers into their devices. The technology lets you transfer video and voice much faster- this feature will be a huge selling point from Apple.
* Also, the iPhone 5 may be the first World phone. It will have three antennas that are compatible with carriers all over the globe. This will make easy communication where you are located on earth.
* Another thing that is being speculated is that the iPhone 5 will use near field communication technology to make the phone itself work like a credit card at times. Furthermore, it will be able to support 1080p HD. You will be able to get the best pictures and video as the iPhone 5 will have a 8mp camera built into tot.
There is also speculation that the iOS5 and iCLoud will launch together with the iPhone 5. One cool thing about the OS updates is that they can be delivered over the airwaves. This will allow the device to work quickly and be able to be used on the go- software updates are now a breeze.
Let see iPhone 5 in 2012.

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